Cooking, baking, and entertaining have always been a part of my life.  My earliest memories of my mother were baking cookies and other treats for friend and neighbors.  As a single mom, my mother had to “stretch a dollar”.  This became second nature to my sisters and me, that and the huge quantities of food we made for church functions!  My mom always managed to be in charge of the food, so I learned to be a hostess at a young age!

I didn’t think I could earn a living by doing something that came so naturally to me.  

       I went to school after graduation to become a nurse.  I worked in many nursing homes before settling down to be a wife and mother.  After 3 children, I decided I needed to get out and be more productive.  I became the part-time Health Aide at a local elementary school.  I eventually move their full-time librarian.

      A friend of mine from High School approached me about working for him at the golf course where he was the Golf Pro.  The job- running the snack bar! My qualifications- “you throw a great party”!  He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!  I now had a new career.

     I learned a lot that first year!  One thing I knew- not many golfers played golf in the winter!  To keep from being bored, a friend and I decided to try doing some catering in the winter months.  We became partners in our new venture- “Backdoor Catering”.  Considering we never advertised, we stayed pretty busy!  Of course, true to my roots, both of our children (5 total) helped us with prep and serving.  It was fun for all of us!  After about 5 years of fun, Pam decided to give up the glamour of toting and hauling food all over the country.  Now, I was on my own.

         I was learning more and more about food service at the golf course.  We were serving up to 250 people out of a small kitchen and patio.  With a huge commercial grill as my claim to fame, I became known as “queen” of the grill- singed hair and all!  I met so many great women that became fast friends as we worked side by side.  It was one of the best times in my life.

       When my boss decided to retire after 13 years, I knew I wasn’t ready to give up cooking!  I redesigned my catering company and changed the name. It was hard finding a name that people would remember.  I felt that I had already established a good reputation for great food and service, and I wanted people to remember who was a part of their celebrations.  Why not have my name in the title!  My new business, “A Catered Affair With Connie” was born!

      So for 25 years I have enjoyed helping people plan their weddings, graduations, anniversaries, parties, and even funerals.  The business has grown by leaps and bounds- but always by word of mouth.  Until I started this web site, I did no advertising.  I guess it is time to join the Internet generation!  However, with family and friends as my staff, we maintain a very personal catering experience.  We hope to share our love of cooking and entertaining with you!